The Library Service of the European School of Alicante has been conceived as a global service for the school. However, for practical reasons such as proximity and accessibility, it has been set in two locations: Primary Library, in the primary building and offering service to teachers and students of Early Education and Primary; and Secondary Library, located in the secondary building, for teachers and students of Secondary and Bachelors.


Cristina Llorens - Patricia Rodríguez

Escuela Europea de Alicante

Avda. Locutor Vicente Hipólito s/n


E-mail: ALI-LIBRARY @ 

¿What's in stock?

More than 25.000 items for school and recreational purposes, such as

  • Books in 12 languages covering many areas, including Fiction, Philosophy, Religion, Education, Economy, Science, Mathematics, ICT, Art, Music, Sports, Languages, Literature, History, Geography, etc.
  • International magazines and national newspapers
  • CD-ROMs
  • DVDs, videos fictional and educational subjects
  • CDs and tapes

¿Who can use the Library and what for? 

All pupils and teachers are entitled to use the Library at any time during the opening hours as a resource and information center, for reading or research and for the loan of books.



Located on the first floor of the Primary building, offers approximately 50 reading places.

It also includes a story-telling area with sofas, cushions and rugs to make the reading time more pleasant and enjoyable for children.

For loan and information service, the library has access to the "Junior Librarian” program which can be used autonomously by students and teachers following basic instructions from the Librarian.

The most important uses of the Early Education and Primary Library are:

  1. As a Reference and Reading Library: it holds a quiet space for reading and studying, with access to reading books, dictionaries and encyclopedias
  2. As a Loan Library: it offers students the possibility to borrow books.

Library timetable

At the beginning of the school year, a timetable for visits to the Library is established. Teachers can choose the period of the day that suits them best to visit the Library with their students.

Students must always be accompanied by a teacher during their visits to the Library.

How to behave in the Library

The Library must always be a space for reading and working, which necessarily implies respect for a silent and quiet atmosphere, as well as avoiding any behavior that may disturb any other users or that may damage books or furniture

Library's collection

The Library's collection is divided into four large sections: Reference Library, Books from the different subjects, Children's Literature and Youth Literature (narrative, theatre, poetry).

In the Literature section, books are divided by languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch …) and within each language section arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s surname.

In the Subject section, books are ordered by a basic use of the UDC, universal classification of knowledge to facilitate access to the subject of the book.

There is also a special section for Reference books which can’t be borrowed, being only used in the Library or as a classroom loan under the responsibility of the teacher.

There is a space specially dedicated to the little ones, with suitable furniture for 4 and 5 year-olds. In this space, large books, albums, children's books with little text and many images have been arranged.

How to keep the Library tidy

It is very important to keep the Library tidy, as well as take care of books and furniture in the Library. This implies the obligation of all the users to maintain and encourage the order of bookshelves and the room.

Other cultural information services

The Library also provides other services such as cultural information, cultural activities regarding books and reading, classroom or department loans, guided tours and user training.

There is also a Teacher's Library, which keeps (holds - offers- lends) books and specific materials for the teaching of different subjects, as well as games, posters, flashcards, etc..

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When is the library open?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

08,30 – 16,15


08,30  – 13,15

How can I get a library user card?

You will receive a Library Card from your class teacher. It entitles you to borrow books from the library.

Books can be borrowed for one week. If you need some extra time to finish your reading you can ask the Librarian for a renewal of your loan.

Items you can borrow from the Library

Only books can be borrowed from the Library, for a period of one week. You can extend your loan for a further two weeks.

Not all the books in the Library can be borrowed. The “Reference Library” can only be used only in the School, either in class with the teachers or in the Library. Books included in the “Reference Library” are dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, and similar reference books.

The multimedia items can only be used only in the School, either in class with the teacher or in the Library using the TV provided for that purpose.

¿What happens if a book is returned too late?

When the loan period is exceeded, a reminder letter will be sent to the student. If the book is still not returned to the Library, a notice will be sent to the parents and a fee will be charged.

How to behave in the Library: General rules

The Library is an area to read and study. In the library you have the opportunity to study in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, to do your homework, read or choose books for loan. You must contribute to keeping the quiet and calm atmosphere.

To achieve this quiet atmosphere all pupils must conduct themselves in an appropriate way and maintain silence in the Library.

It is forbidden to use iPOD’s or similar to listen to your personal music. 

It is also forbidden to use mobile phones. You must switch them off.

It is strictly forbidden to cause damage to the Library items or to the Library premises in any way.

Eating or drinking in the Library is not allowed.

¿Who can use computers in the Library and how does it work?

All pupils in the Secondary School are allowed to use the computers. Each pupil has to ask the librarian for the availability of the computers and has to sign on a list before using the computers.

¿What are the times for the use of the computers?

You are allowed to use the computers during the regular opening hours of the library

Rules for the use of computers at the ESA Secondary Library

The computers are to be used for educational purposes only.
For the use of the computers the following is not allowed:

  • e-mailing for personal purposes
  • playing computer games
  • using the Internet for non-school purposes
  • using the Internet for illegal purposes
  • using somebody else’s password
  • installing programs
  • changing the programs or settings of the system
  • downloading files from the Internet on the hard disk

A violation of these guidelines will result in the withdrawal of the rights of using the computer. Severe cases will be reported to the disciplinary committee.