Common expenses and general information


Fees applicable to all the pupils/categories - School year 2023-2024

  • Common expenses are applicable to every pupil, including Category I pupils.
  • Parents must pay the expenses detailed below, per year and per child enrolled in the school.
  • These expenses are mandatory: no sibling reductions, no pro-rata, no installments, and non-refundable.
  • Invoices will be sent by e-mail to the person designated in the system for billing at the beginning of October.
  • Payment must be made exclusively by bank wire transfer within 30 calendar days. Cash payments will not be accepted.
Early education
School insurance 8 €
Printing fees (paper and digital) 23 €
School diary 7,5 €


School insurance 8 €
Printing fees (paper and digital) 25 €
Intermath 30 €
School diary 7,5 €


School insurance 8 €
Printing fees (paper and digital) 27 €
School diary 5 €
Different activities 70 €
Other specific fees could be also included in the invoice (music project, S3 Mediterranean world book, Eurobio book, etc)  
The Mediterranean World (Human Science book for S3 pupils) 23 €
Music project (only for enrolled pupils) 560 €
European Baccalaureate 2024 registration (only year 7) 101,86 €
Management of application to Universities (only for year 7 students who request it):
Short file 130€
Long file 260€

N.B: These fees are subject to change.

Do not forget to check specific expenses for each Category by accessing the following links: Category I, Category II y OTAN, Category III.


Accounting department and payment

(+34) 965.159.861