Educational training "Work experience"



The Work experience was first introduced in 1984 at the European School in München, and after a few years became part of the established curriculum for pupils in the 5th year of secondary school. This programme has now been adopted by many European schools and its importance is recognised by the Board of Governors.


  1. To provide an experience in a pupil’s chosen work environment.
  2. To form attitudes as support to career choice and to enhance personal development.
  3. To develop language and communication skills outside the school.
  4. To develop observation and social skills.
  5. To stimulate the process of career choice and introspection.
  6. To support the development of personal attributes such as reliability, punctuality, initiative, willingness, flexibility, and tolerance.


All students in the 5th year of secondary school must participate in this school activity. It normally takes place during the last two weeks of the school year, after the June exams and during the BAC orals. Students are not allowed to receive any kind of remuneration for their work during the educational experience in companies. These internships, which prove to be a very enriching experience every year, are supported by this development process:

  •  The School informs students and families about the educational training in companies.
  • The students look for a place for the internship. This is an important part of the experience that they have to do by themselves, although they have the help of the school.
  • Students submit a letter of introduction and a guide to the company.
  • Once accepted, students submit the internship acceptance document to the company to be signed, along with two copies of the regulatory agreement, which includes the School's insurance coverage.
  • Students submit the letter of confirmation and the copies of the agreement signed by the company to the School.
  • The school signs the regulatory agreement.
  • The guidance counsellors will be able to verify at any time whether the internship is enriching for the students.
  • At the end of the placement, the students draw up a final report and hand in the company's evaluation. The final report is evaluated as an A grade in the L1 subject. For this purpose, students are encouraged to keep a diary of their activities.

For more details, please contact to the Guidance counsellor: