Category III


Payment for Category III families - School year 2023-2024

Payment terms

  • Invoices will be sent by e-mail, to the person designated in the system for billing.
  • Normal payment term is 30 days.
  • Payments must be made exclusively by wire transfer. Cash payments will not be accepted.
  • Before June 30th, 2023: Payment of the invoice corresponding to 25% of the annual tuition for the following school year (e.g.: 2023/2024). This payment is mandatory to confirm the admission/continued-admission of all category III pupils. This amount is not refundable. (Invoices will be sent at the end of May) 
  • Before November 30th, 2023: Payment of the rest of the annual tuition (75%) (e.g.: 2023/2024) (Invoices will be sent at the beginning of October)
  • Payment by installments of the October invoice:

    Upon written request to the Director, before October 15th, 2023, payers could request a deferred payment of the October invoice (corresponding to 75% of annual school fees). This invoice can be deferred in three installments, 1/3 each; as such, each payment corresponds to 25% of the annual school fees. Due dates are set as follows:

          1st wire transfer before October 31st, 2023

          2nd wire transfer before January 31st, 2024 

          3rd wire transfer before March 31st, 2024

For those interested, payment by installments must be requested every school year, by e-mail to ALI-BILLING @, before October 15th. Late applications will not be accepted.

School fees

Annual school fees (*) 1st child 2nd child (20% reduction) 3rd child on (40% reduction)
Nursery (Early education) 4.200,69 € 3.360,55 € 2.520,41 €
Primary 5.776,01 € 4.620,81 € 3.465,61 €
Secondary 7.876,36 € 6.301,09 € 4.725,82 €
25% advance payment (before 30.06.23) 1st child 2nd child  3rd child on 
Nursery (Early education) 1.050,17 € 840,14 € 630,10 €
Primary 1.444,00 € 1.155,20 € 866,40 €
Secondary 1.969,09 € 1.575,27 € 1.181,46 €

(*) The Board of Governors of the European Schools is the body that holds the exclusive power on fees. If subsequently, this body decides modification rates in any case, this decision would prevail on this document.

(These data have been taken out from the website of the Secretary-general of the E.S


Accounting department and payment

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