Students Exchanges


STUDENTS EXCHANGES SUSPENDED: Following instructions from the General Secretary of the European Schools, exchanges for the 2021-2022 school year are suspended. The school will provide information and updates from the Central Office to the families.


  • The request has to be done as soon as possible and no later than January 16th.
  • For S4 and S5 students - 4 months exchange – From September until the B-Test (Christmas holidays).
  • Parents have to send the request to Mrs.Vadillo
  • Applications from students with separated parents must be signed by both legal representatives.


  1. Once the advice is requested from the tutor and the class council, provides advice too –. The final decision concerning the request is taken by the Director.
  2. The student's academic record is taken into account and there is no administrative obligation to the school (outstanding payments, ...)
  3. It is appreciated that the family of the applicant student is also offered as a host family to receive students from other schools.
  4. The Secretariat of the School of origin takes care of all the academic procedures with the host school and communicates to the parents if the exchange has been accepted by both schools.
  5. The school reserves the right to admit or not to students who request exchanges based on the number of students per subject.


  1. That the management of both schools approve the exchange.
  2. Exchanges must be made in the same section. And as much as possible with the same subjects you have in our School
  3. In the case of SWALS students, in the section of their mother tongue or as SWALS in the host school. It is important for parents to take responsibility for any difficulties their child may have in having their subjects in their mother tongue with terminology that is different from that of their host section at school, as well as any possible setbacks cause (problems of adaptation, poor academic performance ...)
  4. All exchanges will be made during the first semester.
  5. Students take all exams in the first semester at the host school.


  • For separated parents, we need signatures of both parents.
  • To find a host family, parents should contact the parents' association of the European host school. From the secretariat of our school, we can’t look for families in other schools.
  • All payments derived from the student's schooling are made at the school of origin. The costs of travel and stay are borne by parents.
  • In the case of a non-reciprocal exchange in some schools, the host families request that they be paid a weekly amount for the accommodation and maintenance of a visiting student.
  • Some schools may also require visiting students to pay the cost of school insurance.
  • Students do not need to buy books from the host school. However, they may be asked to bear the cost of photocopying or other school supplies necessary to attend classes at the host school during their stay.
  • Parents are advised to purchase supplementary travel insurance. It is also advisable for students to carry their health card and / or other documents accrediting their own health insurance (European Health Insurance Card, SIP, ...)
  • In case of serious problems of adaptation and/or behaviour, the exchange may be suspended at the request of the school or the families.
  • The school can only intervene in the resolution of conflicts that do not exceed the strictly school level.