Sr. Juan B. García Lázaro

For access to the Spanish university there are three basic procedures to follow:

  1. Make an application for the access credential, the recognition of subjects and the specific skills tests, which is processed through the UNEDasiss platform. The application is made individually with the advice of the School.
    The credential gives access to Spanish universities, valid for two years. The recognition of subjects allows students to obtain higher grades in some autonomous communities. The specific competency tests are voluntary exams organised by the UNED and allow students to obtain a higher grade in all Spanish regions, normally take place in the last week of May. The deadline for this application opens at the end of February and closes at the beginning of May if specific competency tests are requested.

  2. Pre-registration at the chosen universities. Each university district, or autonomous community, has its own process, which usually opens in mid-June and closes at the beginning of July. One application must be made for each university district, with the option of a specific number of studies.

  3. Once you have been admitted to the degree and university of your choice, the next step is to formalise your enrolment.

Further information:

Another voluntary procedure:
The European Baccalaureate diploma is legally valid throughout the territory of the signatory countries of the agreement. In Spain, it is equivalent to the baccalaureate for all purposes. However, in order to avoid problems, it is advisable to apply for homologation. This is done on an individual basis, although the school will advise you on the process.