Extracurricular activities in Secondary

The European School of Alicante is in charge of organizing extracurricular activities for Secondary.

This service is contracted to a specialized company through a public procedure.

Extracurricular activities in the Secondary cycle are held from Monday to Friday after school hours.


Coordinator: Héctor Torregrosa

 (+34) 625.499.563




Dear families,

We inform you that the extracurricular activities for the school year 2021-22 will begin from Monday, October 5th until the last week of May 2022. The cost of these extracurricular activities is reflected in the school invoice and is mandatory for all secondary cycle students, regardless of their attendance.

Please fill in your choice of activity or activities in the FORM you will find below (students can choose up to 3 activities as long as they have a real interest in participating in all of them), before September 28th.

Students who choose to participate in an activity on Wednesdays in the second period (14: 30-16: 00), must necessarily select one in the first period (13:30-14:30).

Students who select an activity only on the first period (13:30-14:30) on Wednesdays, must leave the school at 14:30.

You can consult the flyer, with a description and the schedule of the activities for this school year, from which your children can choose.

Enrollment in an after-school activity implies the obligation to attend regularly throughout the school year.

If your child choose an activity that takes place on Wednesday afternoons and wishes to register him/her for the lunch service on Wednesdays, please contact Eliana Hortal at Admin_alicante@ausolan.com

Best regards.

(E-mail 09.10.2021 noreply@schoolmanagement.com)