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1) The competition is open for participation for any students of S4-S7 of any of the European Schools.

2) Each participating school must have a representative for the management of the contest and can submit at most 20 photos.

3) The representatives of each school will receive concrete instructions for its presentation in the email by

4) The photographs must be presented in digital format and identified with a title. Each photograph must be accompanied by a text, not longer than ten lines, explaining the mathematical theme of the photo.

5) The minimum characteristics of the photographs should be the following: Size 24x18 cm with a resolution of 266 pixels/inch and a document size of 1 Mb.

6) Effects: only modifications of light, sharpness, colour, rotation and inversion adjustements will be accepted. Montages or collages will not be accepted. The photographs should not contain adverts; in the case there are adverts visible they should be blurred out.

7) Deadline: The representatives of each school will send the photos by April 15th, 2024.

8) There will be five prizes of 120, 100, 90, 70 and 50 euros. The jury can decide to not give a prize if seen fit. The prizes will be given in the form of a gift card for an online purchase.The winners will also receive a diploma.

9) The decision of the jury, which is unappealable, will be made public in May.

10) From the moment of participation, the competitors authorize the European School of Alicante to the responsible use of the presented photographs.