Dear families, students and teachers,

This year we will launch a project called "STEAMulus", which aims to bring the research closer to the students of the school.

Students can participate as volunteers, and they will be guided by teachers, outside school hours and without a specific area of knowledge. Thus, scientific, humanistic, artistic research, etc. can be carried out.

For this occasion, we are going to organize a series of conferences. The first one will be held next Tuesday, February 11, International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Speeches of two Doctors from the University Miguel Hernández and from the University of Alicante will take place during the 8th and 9th period.

The teachers will go with the students of all the secondary courses and will remain with them in the salón de actos.

During the act we will present our Science Club called "STEAMulus".

Kind regards,
José Luis Hernández
Head of the secondary cycle