Creating writing competition


The European School of Alicante is holding the Creative Writing Competition 2019 in accordance with the following criteria:


To stimulate the students’ creativity in the area of literary expression in different languages.


II.1. POETRY COMPETITION. Type of entry: Poems on any theme with a minimum of 10 lines, rhyming or non-rhyming.

II.2. STORY WRITTING COMPETITION. Type of entry: Stories or accounts on any theme with a minimum of 1 side of A4 and a maximum of 3 sides of A4 (handwritten or printed).


Taking into account all age groups and all levels, THREE categories are established for both poetry competition and story writing competition:

A. Students in S1 - S2

B. Students in S3 - S4

C. Students in S5 - S6 - S7


1. In each of the six categories up to a MAXIMUM of 3 prizes will be awarded, distributed as follows:   

- FIRST PRIZE worth €50

- SECOND PRIZE worth €20

2. In each of the categories, the prizes will be awarded to entries in different languages. 

3. The prizes may be declared void if, in the opinion of the panel, the entries do not meet a minimum acceptable quality. In this case, these prizes can be assigned to entries from the same category or any other category. Although they meet the standard required and they have not received a prize. Therefore:

           a) The final Panel must value the criteria of quality and taking into account the age and year group of The different categories.

           b) The incompatibility described in the previous clause will not impede the distribution of prizes in “entries in different languages”.

           c) The total number of first and second prizes will not be more than size and twelve respectively.

4. The prizes shall be paid through a bonus (voucher) for the corresponding amount, which may be used to buy books or school products.

5. Presentation of the prizes will take place during a ceremony organized by the School.


1. All secondary students of the European School Alicante may enter.

2.       a) Each pupil may enter as many pieces as they wish.

          b) Each entry must be accompanied by an identifying code followed by the year of the student but must not bear the entrant’s name.

          c) Each entry must be submitted in an envelope which states which school year the student belongs to, and the language of the entry. Inside this there must be another sealed envelope which has only the identifying code written on the outside, but which has inside a piece of paper with the entrant´s full name, year and language section.

           d) The entries must be handed in to the Secretary.

3. The deadline for entries will be March 22th 2019.


The panel of judges will consist of teachers from the 4 language sections, 1 teacher for each of the other languages and the School Librarian[1].


Winning entries will be read in the prize-giving ceremony. They will also be published on the school’s web page. In order to do this, the prize-winners should send electronic copies of their entries to the address provided. 

[1] The range of literary works to be considered for the award will proceed in two phases:

  1. Pre-selection phase: each panel will choose 1 entry to be considered for the awards in each category and type of entry.
  2. Final phase: Final Panel will determinate the final ranking of the selected entries and will allocate the corresponding awards (prizes).